Indie comics giant Dennis Eichhorn has died


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I liked his comics. thanks for running them here, @frauenfelder.


Very sorry to hear this.



Oh no, I feel heartbroken. I get the impression that he was a real friend to the BoingBoing staff. I’m sorry he’s gone.


Sad stuff. One day before he died I bought “Extra Good Stuff” at the Strand. I thought that it was great that Denny was still writing and that we could look forward to much more new stuff in the future. Now, no. Extra sad stuff.


Very sad. I liked the comics of his that were run here; I should go find his other work.


Aw man. That sucks. I hope you keep running his stuff. His stories were really interesting.


I loved Eichhorn’s stories. He was a great raconteur.

Deep Cuts from 1985 from the Hip Hop Family Tree

It’s time the complete run of Real Stuff was reprinted in one deluxe volume.
RIP, Dennis


His daughter and I hope to put together his published and unpublished work in the future. I appreciate the kind comments regarding Denny.


He brought (twisted) joy into my life.


I really enjoyed the big paperback collection I bought about ten years back. Probably recommended by Mark . . . maybe in bOING bOING, or on this site.



I love Indie comics and I contributed $100 to Dennis Eichhorn while drinking one night (no surprise). His comic was late, but he sent so many updates to assure me the comic was coming. How often does that happen? When the comic finally came, it was AWESOME! And… Dennis included a bunch of indie papers he contributed to in the early 90’s. AWESOME STUFF. I mean, a stack a foot thick!!! He is not only a great artist. He is also a great MAN.


My condolences to his family. He sure had a lot of interesting stories.


This is sad news. I really enjoyed the comics you published here. I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis way back in the early 80s over coffee at the now closed Dog House here in Seattle. The introduction was made by my friend and local film Icon, Karl Krogstead. I cannot remember the exact circumstances for the meeting but it had something to do with getting publishing advice, which Dennis freely and graciously provided.
Sad news indeed


Sorry to hear this. I learned about his work through your publication of the comics, so thank you for that. His storytelling style was hilarious, and cast a unique light on era he was young and reckless in. Condolences to all friends and family, who surely must be missing him terribly.


Really sad news. Denny was a great writer and a wonderful person to have as a friend.


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