Deep Cuts from 1985 from the Hip Hop Family Tree


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don’t like it? don’t read it. it’s that simple.


Speak for yourself! It’s literally the only thing I come to BB for!


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I, too, just come here for the comics. Sometimes there’s other interesting stuff. But not enough comics.

Side note: Bring back Real Stuff, please. (if there is anymore of it…)


I created a quick Youtube playlist:

If anyone finds better versions, just tell me and I’ll swap 'em out.



Plenty more, but since Indie comics giant Dennis Eichhorn has died, I’m not sure if BB will be posting any of them.
There are compilations available.


Oh, s–t, I missed that.


And you want to be a Regular…



Love that song.

And anyone who doesn’t Ed Piskor doesn’t like real comics. These things are masterful. The Herb Trimpe homage for the Roxanne Shante panel is fantastic.


Now I have to listen to them all. The sheer power of those giant hands compels me.


Uh, how about you not speak for the rest of us, who might not be sick of hearing about it at all.


What do you mean, “we”?


I know I’m late to the party but I look forward to the latest installment of HHFT every Tuesday. Ed seems like a cool guy and I really appreciate the effort he puts into this. I’m also glad that Boing Boing provides a place for him to share his work.


I’m not into Hip Hop… but I do love the Hip Hop Family Tree.


You crazy; we love it.

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