Real Stuff: "Three in a Bed," part 2


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I know BB gets a lot of criticism for carrying this series. It’s certainly troubled in a bunch of ways.

But it’s also real. The writing, the stories, and the art is all from the heart of lived experience.

I don’t have to like it or agree with it to respect the authentic place this comes from.


Troubled how?

A trawl through the comments here would give you some background. Still miss @Antinous. :frowning:

I’d say they were real as recalled. We’ve all got a few tales that might not stand up to intense scrutiny but they are real for us. I’m still not sure about that serial killer thing, but benefit of doubt and all that.

The comics can be a definite change of tone for BB and that’s not always a bad thing. :slight_smile:


oh huh. I can see how the ‘het’ comic would rub a lot of boingers the wrong way.

So the dude that beat up the gay dude outside of the gay bar in ‘het’ and the nerd with the mustache in this story are supposed to be the same person?

It’s autobiographical, so yeah. The same bloke, different artists.

Thanks for the historical links, they add some useful background.

I, for one, don’t miss @Antinous. I’d describe why, but @GlyphGryph already did so perfectly.


This is my favorite feature on BoingBoing. I hope mr. Eichhorn will compile and release his output soon. Like r. Crumb, brutal honesty isn’t always comfortable but it sure is interesting.

Real Stuff is in print in a few different formats - there’s the original Fantagraphics comic series, a TPB, and He put out another small collection via Kickstarter a year or so ago. All great reads!

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Hmm… I had forgotten about this, and haven’t been on BoingBoing very often since the redesign, so I didn’t realize that my userscript from a while back had stopped working. And unfortunately, is dead, so I can’t update it there.

Here’s an updated Remove Real Stuff script for the redesigned front page (see here for the original):

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Same here. The very title “moderator” suggests someone who should be ending or minimizing drama, not starting or amplifying it. (See also: Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, who was a much nicer person than Antinous but nonetheless got caught up in a rather unfortunate incident.)

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