Sex on synaesthesia



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So THAT’S what it’s like for Gully Foyle. . . .

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But the subject were absolutely not on LSD. That would be wrong.

I’ve experienced synaesthesia on occasion, but not on those occasions. I’ll have to see if I can pay more attention.

This is the second time I’ve seen this study come up (it was reported on io9 a couple of weeks ago). Both times, the description of bright blue showing up during orgasm caught my eye. It reminds me of the recent belief that looking at a blue surface can provide a more intense orgasm. It’s fascinating to think that there could be a link there…

VERY NSFW, but appropriate :slight_smile:


I’ve often wished that I could share the experience with my partner. Bright lights and sparkles, sometimes, lots of other things.

Great, GREAT site–one of my faves.

Oglaf is one of the best things on teh internets.

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