CutiePi, a Raspberry Pi-based tablet

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Here “is” is used instead of the accurate “will be.”

“CutiePi WILL BE a tablet” because it doesn’t exist yet. And a lot of these cool toys never get produced. So maybe “CutiPi might become a tablet, who knows? Sign up and find out!”


Unfortunately, the specs of the Raspberry Pi module they are using aren’t all that great. Specifically, it only has 1GB of RAM. That’s not going to get you far for things like browsing.

However, the form factor does look neat. If the handle can flip both ways, it would make a great prop when lying on a table, or a kickstand to stand upright on a table… especially good if you hook up a keyboard to the thing.


Let’s hope there is a pin compatible CM4 in the near future with the 2 and 4 GB of RAM options.

I’m having great success using the CM3 to develop a commercial product. But it would be nice to upgrade. Not for more power, but to extend the EOL of the platform.

A CM4 will likely need somewhat different support board because of the USB3 support etc. Obviously RPT will do what they can to keep it as simple as possible to use.
The bigger picture issue is not that a CM3 “only” has 1Gb - it’s the utter failure of the web industry that has lead to that being a problem. Web developers should feel ashamed for their incompetence.


Huh. I long liberated any raspberry pi project from the desktop. By my putting my two under the desk and next to the switch on the attic respectively. Using ssh to log in from my Mac, an iPhone, any machine I trust that there’s not a key logger, actually.

Hardware centric projects requiring physical interaction excluded, of course, but I don’t that that this form factor is very well suited to this, either.

…oh, this is far more accessible than an Intel-based dead tablet.
Looking forward to the model that tried to be an S3 or S12 and missed, to the tune of having a microscope IR soldering/rework station on it (not so much so that it can weigh 40 stone, but more so it’s handy) and just maybe a reasonable logic probe or polarization phenomena-based logic or music station on it. Maybe some outboard energy harvesters that absorb traffic noise and charge supercaps. And a matching watch that detects city-funded projects and shouts WHAT HAPPENED TO BROOKLYN!?

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Why do all tablets other than ipads use such shitty displays? I want at least a 1080p display or larger but nothing made today has such a thing. Yet my 7" tablet from 6 years ago has a higher resolution than even 1080p.

That’d make a nice form factor for a tablet terminal to log into to *NIX systems. :slight_smile:

Good displays are expensive to produce and require expensive hardware to drive. Also keep in mind how much more expensive the iPad is when compared to other tablets.

When I eventually sit on my current chromebook and ruin it, one of these would be nice- my favorite toilet device was an eee pc running dwm, and my second favorite was a cheap android tab.

Sure but why are there currently zero of them produced by anyone other than apple since 2013?

What are you talking about? There’s plenty of tablet computers with high res/high DPI displays out there. You just won’t find one for cheap.


My ipad version 3 has a resolution of 2048x1440, but it can’'t even load boingboing. (It is a very slow web browser, in general)

There are no 6-7 inch ones made anymore. There are lots of phones in that range, just no tablets.

The amazon fire hd10 is 1920x1200 and sometimes is available for $100.

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12mm? :unamused:

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