Cyberpunk retrofest at SXSW: Saturday night!


“SXSW Badge holders and Invited Guests ONLY”

…and the horse I rode in on?

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EFF and EFF-Austin didn’t want to exclude people, but logistics and space constraints left us no choice. At SXSW parties, badgeholders have priority, which means non-badgeholders aren’t guaranteed admission. We didn’t want a bunch of people braving downtown Austin’s SXSW parking and crowds only to stand in queue, that would be pretty frustrating. Hence the limitation.

Fair enough. Yeah, that’s pretty much a description of what SXSW is like for those of us who live here.


SXSW and their $1000 badges can kiss my ass.


I think I paid $25 for a music wristband in 1990. I realize that inflation has driven up prices over the past 24 years, but damn… $25 wasn’t that much in 1990. (I have a weird (non-) benchmark for inflation, though, which is that a Hot Wheels or Matchbox vehicle costs $1 today, and it cost $1 when I started buying them in the 70s.)

A friend of mine won wristbands for (what I recall was) the very first SXSW Film Festival, so we got to go for free – and I just realized that it was 20 years ago. ♫ Old rockin’ chair’s got me ♫ Cane by my side ♫

What about 80s Cyberpunk? Seeing as Neuromancer was 1984, and all.

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