Going to SXSW? Attend the EFF/EFF-Austin's Cyberpunk2017 bash!

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Wow, nostalgia zoomies from that old Cyberpunk hyperdeck!

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Hey everyone,

Kevin Welch, EFF-Austin’s president here. If you tried to purchase tickets and got told it was sold out, I just added some overflow tickets. They don’t guarantee admittance, but it’s an 8-hour party, we will probably rarely be at capacity, so you still have a good chance of getting in and attending the event.


Even were I not 14+ hrs flight time away, I realize that me + booze in the same room as Cory Doctorow wouldn’t be the best idea. EDIT because I’m too argumentative, there is no implication of anything else here

Eventually do want to get back to Austin though

I avoid this town entirely during SXSW. I’m a wimp. Plus my client doesn’t want to pay $$$$$ for airfare and (worse) the hotels. There’s a crazy ripple effect so even well outside town prices jump.

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EFF/EFF-Austin’s Cyberpunk2017 bash!
Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 5pm to 1am!

If it were really a bash! the invite would say “5pm to ?”

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Most people who remember cyberpunk are probably going to bed before 11 anyway


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