Cybersecurity class challenged to hack a Raspberry-Pi-enabled "smart pumpkin"


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Nice. Nice of him to use a bruteforceable password. If they couldn’t get in they wouldn’t have learned anything :slight_smile:


/wanders over and checks the pumpkin for a post-it note…


Hack the pumpkin?



I don’t know exactly where on the spectrum this course is(or whether it moves around as they go through the syllabus); but for the more ‘applied’(even ‘vocational’ in a sense) flavor of ‘cybersecurity’ having some configuration errors in the test system is pretty much essential:

There’s valuable work(probably more of it than humanity has relevant expert time to spare) in detecting defects in software; but when knocking over a real world(or model example) IT system identifying configuration defects, locating unpatched and known vulnerable components, etc. tends to be the skill involved.


Thanks for the great writeup! That’s Laurin Weissinger, our incredible Cyber Fellow in the photo. He did all of the work on the Pumpkin for Scott and my class, and has been instrumental in putting together this brand-new curriculum. Connect with him on Twitter @LB_W_


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