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I clicked on the video. It stopped playing at 2:07. Whoo... surely they are not that good, yet? Or is this some hack that makes it look like it stopped?

I refreshed the page and tried again. It got all the way through. However, after the first go, it seemed a bit of an anticlimax. It's still a genius video, though.


Yea my first thought when 'oh you wont' be able to open or delete these but they need t obe there in case we need to ruin your reputation' was 'OK. unplug reformat'

But yea nice bit of satire that hits just a teeny bit too close to home.

Also. I use Linux. What're your exe files gonna do now blinkie?


In scriptwriter world? Code doesn't even have to be compiled in scriptwriter world. There's an episode of Bones where a computer virus infected the forensic lab's computers by being scanned into the computer on a set of bones. An evil computer hacker killed a person, scratched markings onto that person's bones, then when they were 3D-scanned into the computer, those markings somehow became a computer virus. Yeah.


You don't have a scheduled script that OCRs all images on storage and then compiles and executes the results with escalated privileges? I bet you use Windows as well.


that's technically possible in the real world if the attacker knows the scanning system well enough to find a software vulnerability that will allow data to be treated as code - that happens with more general use software all the time.


If they had found a PDF or something similar already as a file on a drive maybe. Even then, I'd hope that in real forensics work, if they want to examine data on a flash drive or a hard drive, they'd make a copy of the original and work with it in a virtual machine or something. That may be expecting too much.

In this case, if I'm recalling correctly, they used a 3D scanner to create a 3D model of the bones. So the killer would have had to have somehow created markings that when scanned into the particular format they used at the lab, would somehow be executable code within that format that would automatically execute and infect the system.


I'm with you on scriptwriters getting stuff wrong with computers. . . . ENHANCE! LINUX, I know that! And of course. . . virus from a Mac to an alien spaceship in 48 hours.

That said, Bones is also a show that can't even get basic geography right. There's an episode where Rock Creek Park (DC's forested answer to Central Park) is shown as a nature preserve with elephants in it. That'd be the National Zoo, dumbass. Or showing Assateague Island, MD as a forested island with a cutesy little pirate themed town on it. Nope, giant sandbar with a state and national park. The only trees are some scrub brush type things, and the only town is Chincoteague, VA, which is actually on the mainland.

Totally unrelated, I just want to punch that show in the face. Hard.


absolutely, when they're dealing a data file they should be using some kind of isolation to keep anything malicious out of their own systems.

that is exactly what i was proposing. when dealing with a data file there's an expectation that the file might be malicious and so precautions need to be taken, but when constructing one's own data files folks often assume they don't need to take precautions because they wouldn't intentionally create a malicious file - not realizing that the data source itself could be maliciously crafted to result in a malicious file.

not to say it's a realistic threat, but the technical possibility is there.


Forgive me for not recognising every political speech from recent times but whose voice is that they're playing?


F'N brilliant. Thanks for posting this, Cory.


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