Dallas police shootings and #blacklivesmatter


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Do We Need Police? :police_car:

NRA didn’t put out a statement supporting his second amendment rights,

Wow, the NRA missed a doozy of an opportunity there.


Not to fear. Texas’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said, "“All those protesters last night, they ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to turn around and protect them. What hypocrites!”

Being so simple-minded is obviously not a requirement for public office but unfortunately it’s also not a disqualifier.


I am sort of morbidly curious about the motivations and internal thought processes of the people who disliked the video.


“All lives matter” assholes; whether it’s overt or unconscious. A lot of those people are demanding that Vi should only be talking about mathy things and she has no place to talk about “SJW ISSUEEES!”

It reeks of what the Gamergate jackasses were clamoring about.


Yeah, I understand what groups they identify with. But why? What is the deeper cognitive reason?


Speaking of…


They don’t believe racism exists. Pure and simple.


Because it’s not a problem for them, it must not actually be a problem at all.

The crux of it all; it’s a total lack of empathy for anyone who is different.



A thousand times, THIS.


Yep! Truth all the way down!


That’s one of my favorite Ru gifs.



“Protect and serve” ?


That line was referring only to the interests of the State, not the lives and well being of the State’s citizenry.


And here I thought Vi Hart had no more higher notches left to climb in my estimation.


Ditto here, and she was already kind of pushing the needle to twelve. Brilliant woman.


Ditto in return, but “brillant person” is probably a better way to put it.


I usually say people are ‘among my favorite humans’! :wink:

I often bring up ‘woman’ or ‘man’ for people that I notice people calling ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ (And Vi sure does have that youngish chipper voice despite being an adult and more mature than most adults I know)

It’s a similar type of nudge. :slight_smile:


Excellent summary. Well done. (Applauding)


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