Dan Hillier piece as a 3D print


As noted elsewhere, Hiller is obviously a big fan of the work of kingpin collagist WILFRED SATTY - though Hiller’s work lacks Satty’s mystical depth and breadth and command of grayscale, saturated color and image juxtaposition. Sometimes a student simply remains a student, and that’s OK!

klondikebob 2010, you have just introduced me to my hitherto unknown artistic mentor/predecessor/kindred soul. THANK YOU!

Could be the start of an interesting trend, especially now that there are systems which can do 3D printing in color and 3D printing in general is becoming more available as an over-the-counter service. Start with simple embossing/debossing, as in some book covers, and ramp up from there if/when people become more willing to paint into the space behind true 3D objects… the distinction between painting and sculpture may start to become interestingly blurred.

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