Danish government let America's Snowden-kidnapping jet camp out in Copenhagen

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That’s mighty nice of them.


It’s funny. The bUNDIE Klan gets the kid gloves. But Snowden is an enemy of the state.

It really shows where my government’s loyalty lies, doesn’t it?


“Denmark’s relationship with the USA would be damaged if the information becomes public knowledge.”

Not to mention Denmark’s relationship with, you know, the Danish people?


That was a great episode of Borgen.

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Eh, one could argue Snowden’s crimes were much more severe and warrant more action. That and the Bundy thing was a standoff situation, not a lone person seeking asylum. I mean they COULD go in now to get him, but won’t risk further damaging Russian relations to do so.

I can’t even get a cop out to file a police report when my car was stolen.

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Mossad Managed to get Eichmann at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere, Argentina. Moscow would have been a breeze. A cover story about Chechen separatists would have been easy as Fuck to implement.

Gotta do those dirty favours in case you someday need help oppressing your own people.


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