EU Parliament votes to drop criminal charges and grant asylum to Snowden

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Such votes are great in that they show the world how ridiculous US whistleblower policies are (or the lack thereof). Such votes are also an easy way for politicians to nod their heads in agreement while continuing to let the US do what it wants with little to no repercussions.


Presumably extradition treaties would still apply?

But hell, if Poland can refuse to extradite Polanski to the US like they did today, maybe they’d do the same for Snowden?

I’d stay out of the UK if I were him, anyway.


The vote results are on page 10, motion B8-1092/2015 -Am 10.

It’s not surprising that the two conservative parliamentary groups (ECR and EPP) are against Snowden’s rehabilitation.

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And the Ukip bit of EFDD too.

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Arguably, ‘stay out of the UK’ is good advice for anyone…


Edward Snowden’s face belongs on the coin of the realm. What a beautiful and courageous soul to stand up against our western idiocracy.


" His beauty is past change. Praise him!"

I’ll be satisfied if and when the day comes when Polanski is in jail and Snowden can come home a free man in his own country. Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.



Even if that’s slap against UK government policies rather than the UK as a whole, I doubt if I could get away with saying the same about, say, I don’t know, the USA?

It’s not even as though the government here has anything against reasonably affluent foreign visitors, like, say, the average Boingboing reader, as long as there’s a reasonable chance of you giving up some of your cash while you’re here.

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I guess he isn’t even worth anything to Putin any more. The EU can have him.

Yes! It shows that there actually IS a touch of common sense remaining somewhere in the world! It’s obvious that there’s NONE at all remaining here in the good-ole-f**ked-up U.S of A. Great News, Edward!


You do realize that the US government deliberately stranded him there, don’t you?

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I’m not sure what his passport status has to do with what I said.

What does Putin have to do with Snowden’s presence?

You implied he was there for the sake of Putin

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