Snowden's lawyer says he'll testify about German surveillance...if Germany gets him safe passage out of Russia

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A wise move on Snowden’s part, given that he’d make a relatively cheap Inauguration gift from Putin to his #1 fanboi.


To be fair, one-ninth of all Americans have called for Snowden’s execution, and none of them have demanded a fair trial.


It annoys both administrations? Excellent.

Remember: without Snowden we wouldn’t even know the extent of the toys that Trump will have come January 20th. We’d doubtless have people telling us all that, really, there’s nothing to worry about because the Constitution will protect citizens (and foreigners, as we all know, don’t count as fully human anyway).

We now know better. Obama’s administration already whittled away a few amendments, and Dubya before him a few more. Let’s see how many Trump gets. I figure by 2024 American’s will be down to having the right not to have troops billeted in their homes.



yes but

The court decided that the majority in the parliamentary committee* had no legal grounds to block the request of the minority** to invite Snowden via the government (“Amtshilfeersuchen”, something like administrative assistance request).

Currently the government hides behind the parliamentary majority and tries to sit out the rights of the opposition. So the result of the court decision is mostly that the executive is forced to react: They have to answer the legislative, be it positive (we will invite and protect Snowden) or negative (the relationship to the US is more important than clearing up the NSA affair).

Sensburg (CDU politician and head of the committee) said it’s likely that the coalation will appeal the court order.

* CDU and SPD, the parties form the current governing coalition
** Greens and Left, the opposing parties


Why would Trump care about Snowden? He won’t represent Trump’s surveillance state.

He’s a prize captive for the new Emperor to include in his triumph. His supporters think that Snowden is a traitor, and the gift will serve as “evidence” to them that all the Apricot Il Duce wants is friendship with a “peaceful” Russia.


I could sorta see that, OTOH now that he’s going to be wielding the surveillance state, better to make examples of Dems and not draw attention to it?

Though knowing his ilk, his followers will see nothing of presenting Snowden while condoning his use of the national security tools to spy on enemies at home.

He doesn’t have to make sense, “because fuck you” is why.


Lol :confounded: Wut?


That’s the slippery slope we’re hurtling down right now!


Snowden was aware that the clock started ticking on his time as Putin’s houseguest the moment he touched down in Moscow, just as Putin was aware that it was only a matter of time before Snowden started publicly criticising Russia’s not inconsiderable surveillance apparatus. Putin will hand Snowden over to the U.S. if and when it serves his interests to do so.


If he is allowed to enter Germany, through whatever legal gymnastics will follow, his best course is then to apply for asylum. Usually criminals can’t claim asylum to evade prosecution unless they have to fear for their life and/or physical integrity. After multiple death threats by US politicians, including Trumps recent pick for CIA director, and the US penchant for torture I doubt any german judge will allow the extradition of Snowden.


the committee had a meeting today. and the coalition found a loop-hole: they cannot hinder the request to invite Snowden as witness but the majority is sufficient to change the agenda.

guess what happened!


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