Snowden publicly condemns Russia's proposed surveillance law

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Another misleading headline @doctorow. Accurate headline should state:

“Moscow Crushed Under Man’s Enormous Brass Balls.”

Seriously… that’s some real gumption right there.


The ‘zOMG so hypocritical cozying up to commies!!!’ brigade has always been full of it(since there has never been a good answer about alternative locations that won’t get him extradited and/or ‘rendered’ and brought back to Uncle Sam); but this offers further support for Snowden’s principled consistency.


It’s not limited to people who think he’s a hypocrite. Here’s a fairly high-volume commentator on national security who claims (on the strength of a hunch, basically) that Snowden was always a spy for Russia:

I guess this guy’s interpretation of these tweets would be that they are window dressing – the Putin regime wants Snowden’s critique of western governments to remain credible, so they can’t have him play along quietly when Russia implements even more oppressive policies than exist in the west.

Well, he knows that having him there gives them some leverage, as he’s sort of proof of the US’s bad behavior regarding surveillance of us… But yeah, enormous brass balls indeed.

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Most of those folks don’t acknowledge that America would literally torture him to death in private on his return.

Nor that he revealed widespread illegal behaviour in that government, and extensive actions taken against the constitutional rights of the citizenry.

In short, they’re ignorant assholes and useful idiots. No facts can change their minds.


If, by torture, you mean 23 hours a day in an isolation cell in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


Are you disagreeing or something?

On top of that, do you really think they’d spare the enhanced techniques?

Whom have the US waterboarded and where and by whom? Noncitizens on foreign territory by the CIA, during the Bush era. They have not ever used the techniques on American citizens, nor ever done it in America. And Obama has changed CIA policy so the CIA doesn’t do it anymore. If Snowden is ejected by Russia, he’ll be received by US marshals. There’s not the slightest possibility that Snowden will be waterboarded if he were somehow to get to the US.

US election: ‘I like waterboarding a lot’, says Donald Trump


Oh, thanks. That makes it 100 percent better.:rolling_eyes:


I think their torture arsenal is much broader than that.


So you think it’s possible Snowden will be treated as an enemy combatant and not as a criminal?

If we take the words spoken so far, then yes.

I suppose it depends who is president at the time. I would expect Clinton or Trump to treat him as an enemy rather than a citizen.

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I’d really hate to see the very good work he’s doing here for the U.S. interrupted as a result of activism elsewhere. Maybe a slight concession of idealism to practicality could be justified.

Ed’s in danger, and it is long past time for a decent country to do the right thing and offer him asylum.

The cowardly turds controlling the government of my country won’t do it, that’s for sure.



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