Snowden asks Putin about surveillance in Russia on televised call-in show


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Great, now Snowden broke BoingBoing’s layout. What’s next?!

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Not sure if that’s what’s doing it. Everything after that shows up in a different font though.

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Even if I don’t believe Putin (and I don’t as a matter of course), he is still making the right noises, and gets what should happen in a way Obama just doesn’t seem to.


I kind of have to feel pity for Snowden here. He’s stuck living in a country that he must find revolting to his principles because his own country was doing things that were too like the country he was stuck fleeing to, while his home country is planning to treat him the Stasi treated dissidents. In trying to take a stand for freedom he wound up trapped with no freedom at all.


Definitely don’t believe Putin.


Clearly they looked into each others’ souls.


I agree - there’s a definite irony in the fact that in disclosing illegal surveillance programs in the United States, he put himself in a position to be used for political purposes by a country that is no doubt significantly worse in its abuses of privacy and human rights, particularly at this time when Russia is behaving so badly. I wonder if he’ll ever get out of there, whether that’s to another country that gives him asylum or back to the United States. Somehow, I don’t see that happening any time soon.


I see what you did there.


In trying to take a stand for freedom


Don’t judge just yet

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a Russian equivalent to Snowden who has revealed docs to the press, and/or Greenwald and co are about to publish something about Russian spying


Somehow, I’m sure moronic Snowden detractors will figure out a way to shoe-horn this action by Snowden as more proof he’s a sekrit Russian/Chinese agent.


I agree, but it’s countries, same issue with China.

“Mr. Snowden, you are a former agent,” the president replied. “I used to work for an intelligence service. Let’s speak professionally.”

He should have just said…Everything I say next will be bullshit and you know it and better shut up about it.


That wouldn’t bode well for Snowden since Greenwald and he are so closely associated.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say Snowden is a secret Russian/Chinese agent but what do we know? To me intelligence agencies are like organized crime in that no one involved is to be trusted and life is precarious).

“in the fact that in disclosing illegal surveillance programs”…

Snowden would have been much more likely to be treated as a protected “whistle blower” if he had blown the whistle on a few specific programs, rather than vacuuming up everything he could get his hands on and giving it all away (even the things that haven’t been published yet can no longer be relied upon, so he broke those too whether he intended to or not.) I strongly suspect that people who view him as a hero think that the U.S. shouldn’t be spying at all…which is a fine position if one can figure out how to exist in a world where none of the most likely threats are out in the open.


It would not surprise me in the least if Putin arranged this call.

Fair point, and I’m not one of those people who thinks we shouldn’t be spying at all. But I think his “vacuuming up” and his actual leaking have been of different magnitudes, so I’m more inclined to think him a whistle blower than a traitor.

So you’d prefer that Obama lied outright and stuck to those lies? C’mon, Putin clearly knows how to manipulate popular opinion of his people, and the noises he was and will continue making is essentially anything to keep his folks from looking into the shoddy loans handed out to cronies in order to build the Sochi experience, among other things.

“Mr. Putin, would you do what America has done in the way of…”
“Oh, NO, we would never, ever do that because we’re great.”

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