DARPA wants to slow down the human body to save lives

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“Oh yes. Of course we would only use this technology to SAVE lives. We certainly wouldn’t use it on prisoners or as a weapon or anything. Pinky swear!”

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From what I understand, cobra venom is used for this purpose, slowing down the metabolism/circulation to give some extra time to people who are poisoned or are having heart attacks to get to the hospital.

…Or just stop with the rampant gunboat diplomacy and you wouldn’t have so many soldiers needing evacuation from combat arenas.


Proper human hibernation, if not actual sci-fi deep-freezing, would be pretty huge. What if you could hibernate every winter, wake up at your ideal weight each spring, and age 25% slower overall? Or save money on international flights by shipping your inert body to New Zealand by surface mail? Or time-share an expensive apartment by having one tenant alternately stored in a closet at all times?


Or put some bodies into cold storage and ship them to Alpha Centauri.

That never ends well.

Basically the plot of Dayworld by Philip José Farmer.

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