DARPA's Spectrum Collaboration Challenge: finally some progress towards a "Cognitive Radio" future

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/05/29/unwirers-r-us.html

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Do they include a plan to discourage cheaters? I’m sure that if everyone is using the same algorithm, the commons could be managed very efficiently, but I’m also sure that a cheating algorithm could hog more than its share of the space and make it harder for others to get their fair share. Traditionally, the commons were subject to a lot of rules and heavy handed enforcement, at least until the big guys decided to enclose them.

I always loved the semi-steampunk idea of what-if when radio was born that it was not immediately suborned to regulations borne out of WWI fears and instead became a hands-on collaborative web/net of audio communication - and early interwebs where the participants would have figured out intuitively how to manage the traffic into our ears without the interventions of weaponizing the medium via advertisements and top-down control.

Oh the other worlds we coulda woulda shoulda had.



I(heart)Media, formerly Clearchannel Communications, will just love this.

I know what you mean, but from what it sounds like (I haven’t read about the details yet), their focus on war may be helpful here. Nerds are notorious for ignoring the differences between the real world and their personal model of it, so making it a wargame forces them to confront and understand everyone else’s motives and behavior as part of their design. So there’s a chance of developing strategies that are robust against real-world malice, incompetence and Chinatown effects

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