Dashcam reveals lazy, lying mechanics


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Auto mechanics lying about their work?

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Why would anyone take their vehicle to the dealership for service? That’s like harvesting mushrooms from Chernobyl.

Also make friends with good mechanics. It’s a jungle out there!

ETA: After watching, I guess it’s maybe a corporate vehicle. Possibly the company has a contract with the dealership and the driver didn’t have a choice? Who gets a Benz as a company car?


Well, Toyota directs their dealerships to include the cost of (about) 2 years of maintenance in the sale price on a new vehicle. I feel like I’d be a fool not to get some free oil changes. Those are pretty easily verifiable, though, and it’s a good idea to check that the correct amount is in there afterwards anyway.

For other situations, yeah, we all need our own spy tech deployed to keep people honest, I guess.


Some people who buy a Mercedes are more worried about prestige than frugality. What does it say to your clients and neighbors if you have to take your car to the lower middle class part of town to “save a buck” on car repairs?


Maintenance contracts and warranty work of course, but this guy paid 700 cash to be ripped off.

This level of abuse is more than a refund type of situation, it feels more like a criminal issue.


Fairly common as a perk for Fortune 1000 execs


What did they do with the new parts in the trunk?


I agree, and posting the video seems a fitting blow to their reputation as well.


So what happened? How has the dealership responded? Has there been a resolution of his complaint?


I don’t have video proof (yet) b/c I haven’t tried, but I’m 99% sure this is what happens at the joint I take my car to for “service”.


For some high end cars you will tank their resale value if you don’t have all of the service work meticulously documented and done at the dealership. This Benz probably isn’t in that category, but there are definitely cars where doing the work at a third party will cost you more in the long run from depreciation alone.


If a $150k+ AMG S63 isn’t in the category of high end cars where secondary buyers care about the name on the service records, what is???


Can you name a Fortune 1000 company that gives an AMG S63 as a company car? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

[edited to add:] My guess is that it’s a private company that owns some Sprinter or Metris vans, and the dealership threw in a nice discount on an AMG S63 for the company’s owner. That said, on further reflection, I do recall one publicly traded company (DHB Industries, Inc.) that bought a $200k Bentley and $200k armored Ford Excursion for the CEO’s use, and a pair of mid-range Benzes for the COO’s and CFO’s use. But all three of those executives went to jail for looting the company. The CEO in question recently died in jail.[/edit]


Most high end cars undergo a depreciation cliff just by being driven – regardless of who services it. Tuner brands like AMG Mercedes are particularly notorious for this.

(keep in mind this article was written in 2013 when looking at the model years)


Yeah, I’m interested in this as well. For “research” purposes.


Half million dollar Lambos, boutique hypercars, things like that. This Merc is edging into that territory, but probably a little too mass market for it to make complete financial sense.




Yea, there are probably no dash cam videos of mechanics doing proper maintenance. /S


Whoops, missed the “AMG” part of the equation, my bad, the answer is “none that I know of”, going to go slink away now… :neutral_face: