Data on police killings

That phrase alone should be enough to discredit the War On Drugs.


Here’s another site: – edit: this is just a compilation of the facebook site, so not new data (but more readable).
Killed By Police - 2015

This article points out that western states on average have a significantly higher rate:
An Epidemic of Police Shootings: Westerners Are Almost Twice as Likely to Die as Other Americans From ‘Arrest-Related Deaths’
The other hotspot looks like the DC, VA, MD area


No matter how I try to google this stuff, no matter what combination of words I use, the top hit is always about police being killed, not doing the killing.

In Canada in the wake of the Robert Dziekański death there were some papers written on the need for reforms in BC, but they still don’t collect stats, which seems like it would be the very first thing to do (and frankly, it’s incomprehensible that the stats don’t exist, obviously collecting them would be trivial)

(I know, replying to post from October, but still) This seems necessary. The stats on 538 said that the CDC estimates 400 deaths a year, but crowdsourced reports say 104 in August? Either that’s a really bad August or 400 is complete bullshit. Why not just take August and say police are killing more than three people a day?

Obviously we’ve all seen the estimate that an unarmed black man is killed in the US every 28 hours, but that seems to (somehow) understate the problem.

I assume that Florida is not high on the list because in Florida the people are dead before the police get there.


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