Canadian cops killed mostly in car crashes, not by gun violence

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You can see the 2005 spike from the Mayerthorpe tragedy. :frowning: Also, interesting disclaimer in the article: “The data doesn’t include police officers who died in ways not recognized by the Canadian Police and Peace Officers Memorial, such as deaths by suicide”


Well, if they don’t recognize it, then it doesn’t happen, right?


They were looking at deaths that happened “on the job”.


Remember this guy?

Suicide while on duty. Called in that he was being attacked by a black guy right before he shot himself.


Great job, CBC. Still speaking truth to power, like press is supposed to. :canada::muscle:


Used to be stabbings, until this training vid:


This is exactly why the Conservatives in Canada want to shut down the CBC: reporting uncomfortable facts.


Car accidents have been the leading cause of in-the-line-of-duty deaths for US cops as well for years. Until 2020. That year and the next (not sure about 2022), the leading cause of deaths for US cops was COVID. Car accidents fell to 2nd.


If they just slowed down and drove less recklessly, being a cop would be in safer than it is:


I’m so glad you pointed this out.

I wonder if there’s also a comparison of suicide rates of different occupations.

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Having once been rear-ended by a cop while stopped at a red light, and nearly hit by several others, none of whom had their flashers or sirens on, and one of which was just cutting across in front of traffic so he could get in to the donut shop, I can definitely say that there would be less cops dying in collisions if they maybe forced them to learn how to drive properly, and then actually enforced traffic laws on them.

The cop that rear-ended me was not in pursuit of anyone, or on the way to a crime, he just wasn’t watching the road in front of him. Paid for damages out of his own pocket, because he didn’t want it getting back to his co-workers. Again. (At least he was polite about it?)

i’m a bit irkrd by the “x % more dabgerous”; nothing between 1% and 108% more dangerous?

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