David Cameron: TV crime dramas prove we need mass warrantless electronic surveillance



That dude is a genius. I vote for immediate formation of a single world government with that dude in charge of it all. Now!


To the world’s wonderful rogue hackers: please gather and reveal every single facet of Cameron’s life to the public.

Make him cry.


So if I libel or slander David Cameron on a page combined with strong pornography on it … would their porn filter protect me in a court?


Humble Dave is now arguing that we need mass surveillance because… Fiction?

Hell, if that’s the case then we also need to give our police some official telepaths, and our army some Iron Man suits. Our spies don’t need snooping powers either - an Aston Martin, a martini and a Walther PPK seems to be much more effective.

Or maybe we just need a Prime Minister who knows what fiction is…


Wanker is the embodiment of one of Aesop’s morals:
Any excuse will serve a tyrant.


So we’re all living in an episode of Spooks? Could be worse. It could have been an episode of Hollyoaks. Or Black Mirrors.


Are you sure that David Cameron isn’t an employee of The Onion?


I find it easiest to imagine anything that David Cameron says to be the rantings of that guy at the pub who won’t shut up. It’s really not difficult as they’re talking on about the same level.

Too bad he did not get excited about infinitely zoomable image technology a’la CSI and demanded every camera manufacturer to make that happen.

Now that I think about it; how much corporates spend on lobbying? Would it be more feasible to tailor-make tv-dramas to sneak your idea’s into politicians mind?


I wonder what influence TV crime dramas do have, though.

I was a fan of CSI, but I never could get into CSI Miami. I only saw a few episodes, but in each the main CSI guy for Miami was after some improbable, absurdly “evil” serial killer, and he insisted on sentencing him to the death penalty. In the Miami-New York crossover, he makes a point of saying that new york has the death penalty, but they haven’t used it for xx years.

As an opponent of the death penalty, I found his remarks offensive, and I wondered if it was on purpose that they created improbable “monsters”, to justify state executions.


Is that guy an off-duty taxi driver?

Ok if its such a good idea David and as people always say you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide, then why dont you publish all your data and that of your ministers/mps/family/friends first for us all to see.

Okay own up. Who sent Cameron “The Wire” box set?

You know, it occurs to me that the X-Files demonstrated that FBI agents need to be immunized against alien viruses and genetically engineered smallpox. Oh, and vampires.


Just like how a young child will tell you how a TV commercial shows that they “need” the most recent game console or cheesy action figure playset.

If only government leaders had better control over those urges than a 5-year-old.


All my important life lessons come from TV drama. Consequently I’ve avoided cooking meth, being a cop in Baltimore and I keep away from anyone called Bauer for at least a day after anything exciting happens to them.


Can someone remind me what happens to the Prime Minister in V for Vendetta? That may well be a beneficial policy to implement also. Depending on what it is.

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Cameron must have enjoyed talking to that bloke in the pub so much, he ended up forgetting his daughter and leaving her there.

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so that’s what agent of shield referred to.