David Lynch directs new Donovan video

“Beatniks out to make it rich.”


Who threw the glass in the street? Best Youtube comment: The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind.

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Obviously, some of us (including @garethb2) enjoyed the video. We will try to make sure to stay off of your lawn.

So cool! Thanks, Mr. Branwyn.

Okay, now this is weird. We’ve been watching Scorsese’s epic doco, No Direction Home. Bob Dylan (very good, by the way) and have only just started watching part 2. In part 1, Dylan is described as a “shaman” (given his effect on fans); hold on to that. At my first employer there was this fellow in ‘materials support’ who was, for awhile, a local radio DJ. His outrageously outgoing demeanor and seemingly practiced voice screamed 60s/70s ‘rock’ dj. Anyway, he was firm in his claim that Donovan was rightly criticized for attempting to emulate Dylan. I couldn’t make any argument on that point since I wasn’t into Dylan; my little kid ears in the Donovan days failed to pick out any hint of emulation. Was that really a thing?

Per Donovan, the “electrical banana” in Mellow Yellow was a vibrator. Yet another brit poet troubadour, Robyn Hitchcock, referred to a vibrator as a “china pug” in the song below.


I’m pleased by how much this sounds like a Donovan song. It’s just what I would want in a new single by this lovable weirdo. He’s probably been making recordings over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by him that’s less than 40 years old.

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This is my favorite Donovan song. This and Atlantis.


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