"Riki Tiki Tavi" by Donovan (1970)

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Audio content owned by Sony Music Entertainment. (But I’m sure they have the artist’s interests at heart.)

I’m still not sure why NFS:The Run thought this was the right song for their credits, but it’s probably my best memory from that game.

I love this song–thanks for posting it–but it’s way earlier than 1980.

Off the top of my head I’m saying 1971, but let me look it up.

Yea, 1970.


Are you sure? It’s got a fairly strong “New Wave” vibe.


Yes, it’s 1970. The Open Road album as a whole is pretty good.


Everybody who read the Jungle Book knows that Riki tiki tavi’s
a mongoose who kills snakes
When I was a young man I was led to believe there were organisations
to kill my snakes for me

ie - the church
ie - the government
ie - the school

But when I got a little older I learned I had to kill them myself

Words to live by.


Solid post-punk. I like it.

Thanks, typo. Edited the post title.

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Some of us who are old enough to remember buying this release the day it was issued back in the day will recall that the band that recorded the LP was called Open Road. The LP was supposed to have been the self titled debut of the band.

The big deal was that Donovan wanted to reinvent himself and move away from his image as a solo with hired guns and was trying to forge a more collaborative image for himself.

Oh yeah, the other thing is that some of us older folks can also remember hearing the so called ‘new’ music of the late 70s and early 80s and thinking that it had a distinctive 60s feel to it. You young whippersnappers didn’t actually invent that stuff y’know…

And hey, if you think Riki Tiki is ‘Punk’ or ‘New Wave’ try hunting down Open Road’s ‘Poke At The Pope’ from the same LP.

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meh - try this rikki tikki tavi by fair to midland - get past the first minute - great band, sorely missed

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