Donovan magically on tour again

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It’s hard to believe that his “Well Known Has-Been” you was in 1976, when he was “only” 30.

That was the only time I saw him, he came to town as part of a concert series around the time of the 1976 Olympics here in Montreal.

Now that I think about it, the concert was at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, which had been the site of the “Bed-In” in 1969.


Season of the Witch! Awesomely awesome!


Beatniks out to make it rich. Prescient!


Season of the Witch is timeless, though my favorite may be Catch the Wind;

I want to hide a while behind your smile
And everywhere I’d look your eyes I’d find

Then, of course, there’s Hurdy Gurdy Man.


Quite rightly


Can’t think of the guy without thinking about what a shit heel he was to his kids. Apparently taking care of your offspring really harshes your mellow.

Huh, details? What happened?

He also had a couple of songs about sex with underage girls. I double-dog dare him to sing these while on tour.

Just look at it!

Basically he abandoned his infant son and unborn daughter. Ione Skye is the daughter, you can find more detail online.


My wife and I saw Donovan and Pink Floyd in the same night, when we were teenagers.


Does “retrospective tour” possibly mean “nursing home fund”?

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I liked Sunshine Superman because he mentioned my favorite super hero, Green Lantern.


My exposure to Donovan largely comes from 2 TV sources.

  1. Taxi: Reverend Jim discusses his life on a commune, where drug use was so prevalent that someone tried to plant a chicken. Jim was traded to another community in exchange for a Donovan album.

  2. Futurama: Donovan was one of many celebrities saved from the sinking of the city of Atlanta (while “Atlantis” is playing in the background)


God I love Donovan. I have listened to his music over and over again. It holds up so well and yet it is firmly of its age. I love the dream quality. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the plucky deep guitar. My favorite is The Retired Writer in the Sun:

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Huge fan. Really great stuff, touching so much human experience. Some touching and profound. Here’s a fun silly one.

According to the legends, two or three of the musicians on Hurdy Gurdy Man later formed Led Zepplin. (John Bonham, John Paul Jones &/or Jimmy Page.)

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