Donovan's "Barabajagal" (1969)

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Astounding lineup on that track:

Jeff Beck on the Fender.
Ronnie Wood on the bass.
Madeline Bell and Lesley Duncan on backup vocals.
Micky Waller on drums.
Nicky Hopkins on keys.
Some dude on lead vocals.

The 2014 Howard Stern interview with Donovan is quite good.

if you can make out enough lyrics to be able to tell what this song is about, you are probably much higher than they were when they recorded it. i’ve been listening to donovan my entire life, and this is one song that eludes me. “jennifer juniper,” “colours,” "season of the witch, " no problem. this one? pfft - i’m stumped.

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Perhaps they just had too much sugar?

Very likable fellow! Here’s the lineup from 1968’s Hurdy Gurdy Man:
Donovan – vocals, acoustic guitar, tambura
Allan Holdsworth – electric guitar
Jimmy Page – electric guitar
John Paul Jones – bass
John Bonham – drums

(that Jones connection…he married John’s widow and adopted his kid, Julian. Just a likable fellow!)

speaking of connections, my favorite Donovan connection is how, on Paul’s Boutique, Adrock said “I’m the dusted old bummy hurdy-gurdy maaaaaaan” and then proceeded to court and marry Donovan’s daughter: Ione Skye.

they’re divorced now, though.

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There are a couple of songs on that album that are a lot dicier than this one. Also one that was dead perfect for the time (To Susan On The West Coast Waiting).

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