Nine Inch Nails video by David Lynch Earlier this month, I posted about Nine Inch Nails’ new single “Came Back Haunted.” Here is the new video directed by none other than David Lynch.  Nine Inch Nails’ new single, and all the prior ones too - Boing Boing Mash-up: “Call Me Maybe” vs. “Head Like A Hole” - Boing Boing READ THE REST

I really hated this video. It should have been something special but it seems like Mr. Lynch threw it together in about an hour. I have actually seen fan-made videos look better than this, which makes it all the more disappointing.

It’s not even like I was expecting some lavish cinematic experience, but a bunch of epilepsy inducing flashing and a bit of strange art are not what I’d expect from a David Lynch, even on no budget.

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Yeah, that was pretty underwhelming.

This video has been designed to potentially induce seizures in photosensitive people.

Thrown together in an hour? I thought this video was brilliant - perfect match for the film and visually stunning. Not easy to watch but a labor of love. If you think that can be thrown together in a hour, you are wrong. That was a serious editing job and brilliantly crafted. But not for all tastes.


Holy hell, no. Just no. I do have seizures, but they are rare, (well, the simple partial seizures aren’t, but the CPS’s are…) and, further more, rarely are they induced by things that come with the “may cause seizures” warning (which is to say nearly every video game ever made). However, the moment I pressed play it was like someone nail-gunned my right eye and 8.9’d my magnitude system. Still feeling the tremors as I type this and I only saw less than three seconds of it.


Christ, I’m just glad I could get it stopped when I did. Lynch and Reznor are long-time heros of mine (long time, long time) and I feel like the two just tried to kill me in the worst possible way. This hurts me in much more than my neurological system.

Hopefully there will be an alternative collaborative video for the same song that I, and people like myself, can actually watch.


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The song is ok. I can see it growing on me.

The video is utter shit. I mean it looks like someone trying too hard in a college course on how to use After Effects or similar software. Just horrible. I generally like - or at least appreciate - David Lynch’s work. But not this time.

yeah, not great. - i suppose im just glad that both these great artists are still making art even if its not quite … good.

‘a bunch of epilepsy inducing flashing and a bit of strange art are not what I’d expect from a David Lynch’

  • funney, that’s kind of exactly what i do expect from Lynch… what was missing was any narrative thread at all. a real shame of a wasted opportunity.

love the song, I really don’t like the video (I don’t like most of Linch’s movies either actually)
I hope good unofficial fan videos are gonna pop out of youTube pretty soon

“If any guy is going to play me like a piano, he’d better get some music that’s worth listening to.” Roger Ebert, at the end of this segment on Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”.

Well, it seems that the cameraman was the first victim.

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It’s atrocious. The original video of the spinning tape reel was better than this.

Okay for me this just reminded me of Eraserhead. It’s like Mr. Lynch is going back to some roots. The movement of the camera, jittery, seem new (to me). I liked the song and the video is just…well…Lynchian you either like it or you don’t.

My god.

Those were choices. That a person made. And another person paid him for.

So, I feel like I have to say something since I did really like it.

I didn’t really know what to expect before I watched it, but after it started, I felt like I should have known it would look that way? Lynch’s movies always have scenes in them that just terrify my, like he tapped right into my amygdala somehow. This video is viscerally disturbing to me, which plays right into the theme of the song.

Segments of it were similar to stuff that he did for that American Express Duran Duran concert thing. And then again, segments reminded me of some of Brakhage’s films.

I did like it. Not easy to watch and not for all tastes (definitely).

But I think it was a very good match for the film.

excellent, excellent stuff!

Well, good to know that I’m not susceptible to photosensitive seizures. I think I’ll go find that deadly pokémon episode now…

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