David Mack's defense of diversity in Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

All I can say to this, is bravo!!!

On the other hand…


That’s kind of disappointing, but at the same time, I get his point. Just having gay characters, just cause, might do a disservice to diversity. If he doesn’t feel like he can do justice to a gay POV, should he write it in (Edited to add: though he has at times, it’s just not as upfront as in the series, but then again, much of the sexuality isn’t as up front)?

But he does have characters that have homosexual encounters in the books, and there are characters who are clearly genderbent in various ways. I also think his characters are more akin to people in the premodern age, and there weren’t these sorts of definitions that we have now. I think the same about his depictions of people of color (at least in the books). They didn’t think about skin color the way we do now. It was more about and station.

As I recall there were at least a couple of bi-curious woman-on-woman sex scenes involving Dany and Cersei (not with each other, though that would be kind of hot too).

we should say SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS… not me, I’ve read them…

But yeah. In both cases, both women found it uncomfortable and were deeply ambivalent about that. Kind of interesting.

Maybe he explains it better in the book, but a Vulcan having an affair does seem a bit odd. Hopefully there’s a good justification for why that would happen.

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