David Pescovitz, Tim Daly and Lawrence Azerrad win Grammy Award


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That’s awesome. Does he eventually get his own trophy even if they just had one there at the ceremony?


Congrats, Pecso!


Congratulations, that’s pretty great!


A gold record AND a Grammy? You’re on fire!


That’s fantastic! Congrats @pesco!


Congrats! We’ll never get a table now! :grinning:


That’s a 50 gallon drum of awesome sauce!


Congrats @pesco :slight_smile: while i didn’t have the means to afford the re-release i think it’s a marvelous thing to have brought back for all of us to enjoy


Are you sure it’s sauce though?


Way to go, @pesco!



So well deserved. The set was one of the most carefully-designed, expertly crafted boxed sets I’ve personally ever seen, and the fact that it was crowdfunded makes it even more awesome.

I wonder if it’s the first crowdsourced project to win a Grammy?!


@pesco Thanks for helping to ruin the Grammys for Nikki Haley!

Got the CD set for my wife, a huge Sagan fan, for Christmas; she was completely overwhelmed. The book is beautiful.


Not sure, but apparently not the only nominee.


That’s awesome to hear. What’s a particular thing about the set that she really loves? (if she had to pick one).


I’ll let Pesco speak for himself here.


Hard to say. Listening to the tracks or thumbing through the pictures (or more likely both) imagining you’re an alien who had just discovered this artifact gives me chills. A lot of it, of course is just the connection to Voyager and Sagan, having watched the Voyager documentary and re-watched Cosmos recently.


Yeah, but a Tony and an Oscar would make him a real triple threat…


Another wonderful thing. Congratulations.


Yes, there’s a great shot with them all carrying their own – it’s just a Getty shot and it would be like $20 to license soooooo.