Voyager's Golden Record still plays on


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Pesco helped Kickstart a re-issue of the disc; you can still get in line and pre-order one here.



I love watching trains frolic in the meadows.

@pesco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least the trains weren’t colic in the meadows!

What freaks me out is knowing that some of my descendants will basically be records/space probes.


Too bad that aliens only possess 8-track tech


“Lord Kang, we have received a communication from a distant world.”

“This is excellent news!”

“It is in the form of a 12” disc…"

“HIPSTERS! Deploy the Death Crusade Fleet! Eradicate them and their Kilner Jar Top Knots!”


“Yeah, I’m from this planet you’ve probably never heard of…”


A message that may very well outlive our species, a bottle cast out into the black.

I always loved this idea.

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