The Voyager Golden Record on NBC Nightly News

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It all started on August 20th, 1977, when NASA put up a recording of the sounds of Earth on Voyager I. A two-hour long tape included, uh, natural sounds of animals, a French poem by Gaugliere, a passage from the Koran in Arabic, messages from President Carter, United Nations Secretary Kurt Waldheim, music – everything from classical to Chuck Berry.

Aliens have who listened the record made one request of the people of Earth


If you play it backwards it proves Paul McCartney is dead, or maybe he’s in outer space.


I have a feeling the space aliens will be seriously disappointed when they meet actual earth people.

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At least one of those “natural sounds of animals” is bound to sound horribly offensive in alienese.

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i dunno … we have our moments.

Or maybe just being tasty will be enough for them.


Beat me to it. :slight_smile:

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