How a Bell Labs engineer/artist created the sounds of planetary orbits for the Voyager Golden Record

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The planets do not make noise. Exhibit 1: “In Space, Nobody can Hear You Scream.” And also, even Mercury takes a few weeks to round the bases, and don’t even get me started on Saturn. Even if there was music coming out, it would be the ultimate dirge.

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That’s why I wrote that she created the sounds, not recorded them and that it is “an audio manifestation of “Kepler’s Harmony of the Worlds” (“Music of the Spheres”).”


I clicked on this thinking it was about Larry Fast, an acquaitance of mine from way back.

Who knew there were so many musicians with records at the Labs. I did know a few talented musicians when I was there, just didn’t know that (at least 2) got record deals.

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