NASA playlist of the incredible "sounds of space"

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Check out “Cassini: Enceladus Sound”

There’s a quarter second of something really strange there.

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“Guilty! Guilty! My evil self is at that door, and I have no power to stop it!”

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That would have been such perfect background sound while my young kid self laid out under the covers reading science fiction long after Mom’s official lights out. I went to so many places on an old mattress propelled by short life D cell flashlights. Had the music of space been with me I might never have woken to that same little bedroom on that same Earth bound farm.


Has anyone worked up any type of aurora to sound conversion? Also this reminds me of an early electronic music album simply called ‘Earth’s Magnetic Field’ by Charles Dodge, which was exactly what it was. It was issued on Nonesuch (I think) sometime in the '60’s. Not certain, but this might be the whole album (it wasn’t very long to begin with):
I always loved this little oddity.

You be the judge.

these are my new ringtones.

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