NASA releases weird "moon music" heard by astronauts in 1969


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Great. Now we just have to wait another generation until Earth is almost destroyed and we send a team through a black hole to find a solution and they come back with time/space travel that allows them to drop the needle and spin some wax.


I’ve seen this reported here and there, but the only video/audio I’ve found is the linked “UNEXPLAINED FILES” clip, and I can’t tell if the few seconds of electronic whistling is the actual ‘music’ they heard or just a recreation. Is the actual NASA audio available anywhere?


Found it:


Awesome, thanks! Here’s the mp3 of the “outer space type music” dialogue, which starts about 2 minutes and 50 seconds in. The actual ‘moon music’ is very hard to hear.


Fortunately, the radio technicians (rather than the UFO fans) had a ready explanation for it: it was interference between the LM’s and Command Module’s VHF radios

There was nobody in the LEM at the time, right? So why would its radio be turned on? And why would it interfere with the main radio? Even if there were two different manufacturers, wouldn’t they be working from pretty much the same spec? That’s obviously not music, but I’m not buying the “ready explanation” either.


Interesting. Sounds like the spookiness of the alien music gave way to “hey is all your insulation burned off outside your window?” pretty quick.


This sounds like the typical stuff you hear if you own a shortwave radio, Holger Czukay used samples of it on at least one Can album.

There is no far side of the moon, really, it’s all far away.


Comets are much more musical


Presumably NASA didn’t release this because they were embarrassed that any of their superstar astronauts was dumb enough to describe a single, monotonous tone - which sounds very much like interference from another piece of their equipment - as ’music’?


It was the seventies, it’s surprising there wasn’t snarky shit about 4 1/2 Minutes.


Depends on the phase of the mission. The radios would have been tested against each other because Apollo 10 was flown to validate operations prior to 11. To do that you would start docked and then undock with the radios running. It wouldn’t have to be the transmissions interfering with each other. These were big old, noisy radios and probably had beat frequency oscillators which could interfere with each other.



I know, I was thinking the IF was slightly out of tune, but how could they make a mistake like that? I think that problem was decades old by then. With NASA, there’s no “close enough for government work.”


The inventor of the Ondes Martenot, a theremin like instrument, got the idea because he was a radio operator. Every day, around sunrise and sunset, he could hear amazing musical sounds coming from his radio equipment. Alas, this experiment can’t be duplicated on earth any more because there is too much intentionally broadcast radio, but I’m guessing on the far side of the moon, you can still hear all the weird cosmic effects on radio.

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