David Rees teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do




As host of Going Deep with David Rees on the National Geographic Channel, David teaches viewers how to master often-overlooked skills, like tying your shoes, shaking hands, lighting matches, and making a good first impression.

Dear Great Old Ones, I would love if David Rees would do a several-week stint showing us how to master the skill of moderating comments.

In these very forums.


David also recites a fairly impressive Byron. They wanted footage of me “listening”, and he offered me a choice of poets.

Later flips with “Decisions Decisions” (the flipper of large "coins), were more successful. It took lowering of the coin platform, to give more time for energy transfer. (coin reached about 15’ in the air)

I will be exhibiting “Decisions Decisions” at the NY World Maker Faire this September. Assuming that the museum doesn’t freak out, like they did with the last time I exhibited a catapult, I will be flipping my 5 Zorkmid piece, as often as possible.


If it were me, I’d start by blocking people who troll for "like"s and other such invisible Internet points.

In these very forums.


What about people who have multiple accounts? :wink:


Eh, honestly, I couldn’t log in under the old one, and I didn’t bother finding out why. It was tainted anyway. I go under ‘regeya’ almost everywhere else I can, anyway.


ilu david


Another great Gweek Mark! I hope David can return as a guest.

As for washing hands in public places, when I lived in Japan I noticed that most men carry a small hand towel around with them to dry their hands after using the restroom. So I’ve started doing this too and now I never need a paper towel or hand dryer in these places! Maybe try using that?


There’s a reason bandanas are also known by the nickname “AP”: all-purpose.


I just look at them.


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