Modern-day samurai fools Penn & Teller with "impossible" coin trick


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Wow I really enjoyed both the trick and his persona in the act.


Very impressive. I also like the way he subverts and turns around the Asian stereotypes as well as how he achieves a balance between his act as an overconfident egotist and his genuine humility and gratitude to his mentors.


look at 2:03, when he says “the coins move” the card shifts a bit on its own before the camera cuts away. Was that the trap door opening and sucking the coins down to be repopulated elsewhere? secret bank-type pneumatic tube installation under the felt tablet, responding to the commands of his implanted cybernetics?


Black velvet flaps that cover and uncover the coins that don’t move?


Simpler than that


I am such a muggle.


Cool but that only explains the most basic part of his act. He made coins appear and disappear without the help of cards to conceal his actions. Pretty impressive i thought.

I thought at one point it looked like he could be swiping coins off the back of the felt platform but even if true that’s only a partial explanation.


Yeah, P&T are right at the end in saying that the Matrix is a well-known trick, but his presentation definitely pushed it up a level, and the smoothness of the punchline was excellent.


Exactly what I was going to post.

I’ve seen this trick many times, but NEVER like that.


THIS. His showmanship was great and even if P&T know the trick they lost track of his sleights he was doing it so smoothly and he added his own touch to it as well.


He is very good, perhaps he’ll be as good as Dai Vernon someday. His drops are smooth, but his palming is a bit clumsy at times.

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