Daycare owner sent to prison for drugging tots so she could tan and hit the gym


I’m with these guys. She looks totally normal to me. Everyone has tattoos and piercings. The 50’s were a long time ago.


Here’s her twitter pic, perhaps showing an unsuspecting kiddy ready to be melatonin-KO’d into a gym/tan facilitating state.



“It was never my intention to put any of your children at risk of injury or harm” Folks, I’ll just leave it there.


Not to laugh, but you got it: that was one of those “brace for impact” lines.


Maria Feychting, Bill Österlund and Anders Ahlbom, Epidemiology, Vol. 9, No. 5 (Sep., 1998), pp. 490-494

Looks like there’s a few others been published on a similar subject. I haven’t read them but you might like to :slight_smile:


Hey, you’re getting it wrong. Melatonin reduces cancer risk. So you’re sweet :slight_smile:


Not long enough; too many people keep idealizing them, and futilely trying to drag us all back to that period of time.


Thanks! Will check.


she pled guilty to those charges, and was sentenced. The prosecution was angling for 35 years.


So you’re saying you don’t want to Make America White Again?

Elvis, Marilyn and Jimmy Dean are coming to get you!


Damn, I better go out and get me some then.




Even pasty white ones? They’re my scariest kind.


Something in the eyebrows. Slight chance those are tattoos. I’d ask more questions, myself. Not run away screaming over it.


if you were allows to drug kids and go do stuff, there wouldn’t be any need for daycare in the first place. just sayin…


Oh your still one of those “good people don’t have tattoos” folks…I get it Mr sessions


Depends on what you call “not too many kids” in just about every jurisdiction I’ve seen the limit is no more than 2 non related children.


She almost pulls off those crocodile tears…


Thalidomide was supposedly nick-named ‘the West German Babysitter’. …because it was absolutely, utterly safe, everywhere but in puritanical Atomic Era America, where it was not approved by the FDA.


Totally safe