British mum bought cocaine for her daughter's 18th birthday, avoids jail


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What’s wrong on having some, except that a couple old guys with lawmaking power think so?


What part of “War on Drugs” don’t the English understand? Shoot first, ask questions later, and then give her 20 years in the slam.


I’m still unclear how the dogs had access to the drugs…


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:65348”]
This article does not explain how the dog ended up in Austen’s bedroom
[/quote]Ah, I missed the “not”.


And don’t it seem like
Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find
And all your kicks ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind
Before you find out it’s too late, girl
You better get straight

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Well, she blew that party.


Unlike the US police, our police hardly shoot anybody at all, so they don’t get the practice. However, US companies have been trying to introduce us to the joys of private prisons.
I believe, incidentally, that cannabis was only made illegal in the UK under pressure from the US.


There’s not a one-size-fits-all recipe when it comes to bonding with your kids.


I would like to point out that being sentenced, albeit a suspended sentence, is emphatically not being “let off” in any reasonable (i.e. non-Daily Mail-inspired) sense of the word. She was found guilty; it is a criminal sentence. For punishment fetishists, there’s still the (strong, IMO) possibility that she’ll screw up again while on suspended sentence and get a custodial sentence.


I think this is in the context of a US 20-years-to-life in prison. (Unless you have the money for expensive lawyers.)


That was just before he rode through town shouting The British are coming and they’re bringing cocaine!


I like your style!


So, is $450 a lot of cocaine or something? How long is that supposed to last 2 normal people?


It’s about 300 quid’s worh, 2-3 grams of something approaching actual cocaine (really good stuff is £120+ and has usually been washed up & recrystalised, then cut according to the retailer’s preference), or 2, maybe 3 if you’re very lucky, or your dealer thinks they can fuck you for a cut price purchase, eightballs (short weight, natch).


You have an open invitation to my future parties.


I understand the cost (I am in the US), but let’s say it gets you 3 grams.

Is 3 grams a lot for 2 people to blow through in a night?


Depends who you’re doing it with. Ordinarily it should more than suffice, but on the other hand it could be far too little.


Nah, not really. It’s a fair amount, but you’d still be pissed off there wasn’t any coke left. Granted, that’d be some time after 7AM, but still.


“The 37-year-old British woman has six prior drug convictions”

probably had something to do with this… she was being tailed, or she was seen approaching a known dealer, or something.


technicalities aside, I think 250 hours community service after 6 prior drug related convictions would constitute as being “let off”, relatively speaking.
If it was a black man though instead of a white woman… who knows what would have happened.