At life sentencing, defense lawyer calls murderer and rapist a "slightly boring man"


Cocaine is great for making boring people more interesting.

Or at least that’s what they think when they’re doing cocaine.


Thay’s how I remember it too.

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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Sad all round


Could you re-word the sentence? Not sure that we need to know their jobs in the same sentence where we learn that the two rape victims managed to get away before they were murdered too. After the sentence which quotes the criminal referencing his murder victim as a “prostitute”, that would be a better place to indicate that the other two women were also sex workers. Otherwise, it seems prejudicial to make that the first thing you hear about the women, even before the fact that they managed to escape.


And BB please explain what is “but” doing in this sentence: “His victims were sex workers, but the two managed to escape when he was distracted”.


Yes, good call. I’ve changed it to this:

The two managed to escape when he was distracted, reports the Falkirk Herald. Realizing his predicament, Mathieson called police and told them that “I’ve been high on drugs and I’ve killed a prostitute,” and surrendered upon their arrival.

The three victims were sex workers who had been called to the house by Mathieson after his partner went for a night out with colleagues.

The sentence was obviously problematic. It was made so by my hamfisted editing for conciseness.


Curse you, fists-of-ham!

So conveniently delicious, though!


Oh, good, how can I get some shipped to the editorial staff here?

If cocaine caused this, then Charlie Sheen must have murdered around 10000 women.

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it is ok to do this

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  1. Were you doin’ coke when you typed this?

  2. You, uhhhh. . . got any more?

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Not murdered, but…

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