Man jailed for 90 days waiting for tests to prove drywall dust in his car wasn't cocaine


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Man, I can run that test in under two seconds.

But the po-po never thought he was driving around with loose cocaine on his car floor, that’s ridiculous. They were just harassing him because he’s an ex-con, and thus a properly designated victim for systematic abuse.


I presume that he received no apology or compensation for the false arrest?


What happens to this man now? Does the system do anything for him? I never hear about restitution. Is there options for back pay?


Was going to say the same thing. Fucking ridiculous.


At least the police didn’t shoot him, I guess that is a win in Florida.


I eagerly await the absolute hatchet job of a lower court opinion that seeks to explain why 90 days is a perfectly reasonable and timely standard to deliver trivial judicial chemistry on; as well as a no doubt magisterial explanation of why the burden of proof is so low that they were able to jail the guy before doing even one of the pitiful field tests; rather than being required to demonstrate the presence of cocaine first.

Both should prove valuable in the restrooms of the halls of justice.


It’s like they never watched a cop show in their life, they should have just licked their finger and done the standard cop show taste test…




My knowledge of drug culture is limited and quite possibly completely in error, but it was my impression that the goal with cocaine was to contain it, it being quite pricey stuff, and then to sell it and/or use it, internally, never to simply spread it about the place mixed with dirt and rug fibers. It never occurred to me that anyone would dust the footwell of their car with visible amounts of the stuff - and anyone who was in such possession of such an absurd Tony Montana-like quantity of cocaine would presumably be driving a much nicer car (and own a portable vacuum cleaner).


Just how much cocaine does it take to to care so little about it you have significant residue in your car’s footwell?

The credibility issue lies with the cop, not the victim, in this case.


Well, that all sounds reasonable.


Stop; you’re being way too logical and making far too much sense.


Christ, what assholes.


I wish he’d hurry up and make America great, for the first time.


Thank goodness for the war on drugs. Without it, people would be taking drugs and ruining their lives. With it, we can skip the drugs part and go straight to ruining their lives. Efficiency!

Honestly, thank the gods they didn’t. If they had, given the enormous false positive rate, he would have been jailed for a lot longer than that for violating his parole (or forced to plead guilty) before anyone did the proper test that exonerated him - assuming they ever did the test.


Exactly. These gum shoes will never never make Detective but might finish with an honorable 25 years of service to the Community.


A fake alert by a dog for probable cause, and a fake field test for cocaine that returned a positive. This is what life in a police state looks like.


What kind of “field test” can’t distinguish between drywall and cocaine? FFS


Here’s a guy running his own business, because its likely really hard to get people to hire him - this is what you hope every ex-con could manage to do.

And they hassle him.

Law and Order - you are fucking lost in the woods.