Daydream 4K: a breathtaking journey through the American Southwest

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To anybody thinking about taking a trip, please think about traveling to the Four Corners region and visiting the national parks and other protected areas. It is truly worth it! I skipped graduation to take a field geology class and although I was immersed in course work the entire time, I loved every moment of it…

The camping isn’t the most comfortable, especially on near deserted buttes. It is either too windy, too cold, too warm, too dry, and/or too wet. But the discomfort is so worth it. Even with the crush of people at some parks, it takes very little effort to get out and away from others.

I still visit the Anasazi ruins every time I am in the area.

If you can visit the bottem of the Grand Canyon, do so. If I remember correctly, the average visit to Grand Canyon National Park is 15 minutes, and a tiny fraction of people hike to the bottom. It is one of the best ways to impress upon one’s self a sense of geologic time. The seas come in and the seas go out. Each layer tells a story.

Go for the views. Go for the selfie opportunities. Go for the experience or bragging rights. Go for the people watching, it doesn’t matter. Just go. It is totally worth it.

In the parks the tourists come and go. Talking of …gift shop and restrooms.


"viewing our galaxy is as easy as opening our eyes and looking up."
This should be the rule, not the exception.


Agreed. I regularly make the drive from Salt Lake to Blanding Utah to visit my son, and I am always stunned by the natural beauty visible just on the state roads without ever entering the parks. Monument Valley (entered through Utah but the Tribal Park is actually in Arizona) is an easy drive in and out and most of the iconic vistas can be viewed from the balconies of the visitor’s center. Other parts of the Park are easy to reach, and if you want the ultimate MV experience you can walk up to the cabin used in those shots in “The Searchers” and stand in that doorway and pretend you’re The Duke.

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