Yosemite Falls Rainbow Time Lapse

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I felt it pulling me in, into its Rainbow vortex.


I don’t think it’s a timelapse, or that water would be falling extremely slowly.

Well, of course a video is always a timelapse in a way, just timelapse with a frame delay of 1/25 of a second :slight_smile:


That is a lot of paint, and a high degree of timing fidelity to dump each separate color into the fall at just the right time.

Kudos on the art project!

Humans are rad.


Followed closely by a Straight Pride Parade. Hopefully, they start at the top and try to keep up with the rainbow!


Sounds very much like a Guided By Voices album title.


Webcams - Yosemite National Park (U.S. National Park Service)



I was just in Yosemite for the first time in May this year.

I’ve seen some incredible things in life but very few things I can think of just dumbstruck me with so much awe I was never able to fully process it.

Yosemite from the tunnel view overlook was one of them. The place is beyond anything you can put in your head until you actually see it. It’s so beautiful it’s overwhelming. My picture below is crap compared to seeing the waterfalls yourself.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually see this in person, it would have left me covered in tears at how beautiful it must have been.


Yosemite Valley is possibly my favorite place on Earth. I’ve been there more times than I can remember but I still get that sense of awe every time. It’s easy to see how Ansel Adams spent so many years trying to capture the feeling on film.


It really is a special place.
If you ever get a chance, make it out to the back country. We did a ranger guided loop over several days - you can do it alone as well - where you hike about 45 miles stopping at camps that are accessible only on foot or pack mule. We started at Tuolumne, then to Sunrise, Merced, Volgelsang and back to Tuolumne.

As for this posting itself - that elevation noted is wrong. The valley floor itself is 4000ft above sea level. The falls are 2500ft above that.


Yes, still beautiful.

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I think he’s bonked the satch on the Instagram version, which is overkill. Still, it is pleasing that this would be captured in an age when even the cheapest camera records theater-quality footage.

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Rainbow? My daughter would be unimpressed unless there was a unicorn involved.

What’s up with the rainbow unicorn fad?

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