Days Gone director blames reception on 'woke' critics

(Yes, THAT Godwin)


it started on black twitter and is ( or was ) part of honest discussion there. it was brought out into the white mainstream by bigots to undermine those conversations. see also: critical race theory, christian values, or patriotism for other kinds of co-opting


I have that game. I have always enjoyed playing it. Tho the hordes can be pretty extreme


I am so sick of people blaming everything on this concept of being “woke” - anu human being, any decent one anyway, upon learning they had hurt someone, or offended someone, would apologize and attempt to make it up to that person. “Woke” is such a dumb assed term, we should call it realized - “Oh, having statues of the men who fought to keep you enslaved is offensive? It was stupid of me not to have realized it on my own, but being white and well off it never occurred to me. You’re right, it is offensive and I’ll work to take them down.” “You mean that my staring at your ass isn’t a compliment? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it would make you feel that way.”

That’s not being woke, or realized, or liberal, or anything else, that’s being a decent person.

Sorry, I’m just in one of those moods today.


No one on Earth has a bigger victim complex than people who blame ‘wokeness’ for all their problems.

And anyone that does is always wrong. About everything.


Could this be the quote of the day? The week? The month? The year even?


Ah, the Musk gambit.


Oh, it’s even dumber than that. The thing he’s pointing at, that supposed upset “woke” reviewers, is apparently something that no one ever even remarked upon. It was a total non-issue. What reviewers have taken issue with is that the game is… okay, came out with a flood of similar (and in some cases better) zombie games that it didn’t distinguish itself from, and even its fans admit there’s about 10 hours of game to slog through before it starts getting good. It sold quite decent numbers, especially given the mediocre review scores, but apparently wasn’t the top-seller he thought it should be.

So he just completely made up an issue so he could play the victim of political persecution here rather than admit the game itself had some problems with its design.

Now that he’s working on an NFT game, I’m sure he’ll blame politics for its lack of success, rather than the fact that gamers have made it clear they don’t like NFT games…


Working in any industrial safety capacity will give you nightmares from those labels. Sometimes the obvious ain’t


I’m guessing that due to this newfound wave of wokeness, every video game that objectifies women is now failing commercially. Probably movies, too. Wait, that’s not remotely true, and some dude is just making excuses for his own failure? What a shock.


I don’t understand what’s wrong with being… “awoke” (is that the word?). I mean, what’s the alternative, being asleep, unaware, uninformed? zombified? I mean, geez, give it a half-step of thought and you can see how stupid this whole ‘woke’ thing is.


I realize that cynically lying to your customers, as well as less cynically and more fervently lying to yourself, are both popular pastimes; but I’m morbidly impressed that he manages to overlook or deny the fact that his real opponent is the sheer volume of competing games about gruff white guys who aren’t afraid to be a real man’s manly man even if it’s problematic; except better executed than his.

He’d probably have gotten much better reviews if he was actually peddling some sort of beleaguered subcultural artifact: that would have inspired some of the less sympathetic reviewers to just not bother and presumably stirred up at least a small cluster of ardent defenders.



i think the alternative is dreaming that exceptional american dream: a color blind melting pot where everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps to accomplish anything because good things happen for good people, and only bad people have serious difficulties :tm:


I quite enjoyed the game. Don’t really follow game reviews but also don’t recall anyone at all making complaints about the protagonist looking at his woman’s body. Pretty sure that was not a major factor.

Really stupid complaint though. Especially since the game was made and released years ago.

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I pay a lot of attention to gaming stuff, yet the only thing I know about this game is the “ride me as hard as you ride your bike” wedding vow thing

Which did not bother me because I am woke, but because it was pretty silly


Blockquote John Garvin is now heading Ashfall, which promises to be the first AAA game to feature NFTs and cryptocurrency, because of course.

When the NFT game fails, he’ll probably blame that on wokeness too.


the protagonist had a woman’s body? where did he put it? motorcycles don’t generally have a lot of storage space. :face_with_head_bandage:


My dad, 86 and a lifelong Daily Fail reader, asked me a while back what “woke” meant, as he’d seen it cropping up more and more often in his "news"paper.

I explained it quite simply: Every time you see the word “woke”, replace it with the word “respectful”.


I just rewatched the Zero Punctuation review, and Yahtzee is very down on the game, but just because the game is generic and tedious. Maybe they should have tried to make the game good instead of edgy?