DC Comics announced new Bat-NFTs

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Pedantic reminder that paying for an NFT does not in fact get you a unique jpg; it merely gets you a digital receipt for a jpg anyone else can copy and download for free.


I’m good, no thanks.


I’m just waiting on Beanie Baby NFTs so this bullshit can go full circle.


So DC is into money laundering now?

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I’m pretty confident that on this particular thread, we are all good. :nerd_face:


Effin Birds has it right:

(linked from nft.bs)


Probably not at a company level, but the chucklehead working there that suggested this probably is…

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So literally anyone in upper management? Gaming companies and other businesses have been foaming at the mouth to get into the siren’s call of easy NFT money until their customers revolted and protested against the bullshit.

This is your very last chance to send me a dollar. So don’t miss out! (Because soon it’ll be your very last chance to send me a buck and a half)

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Finally, variant covers have caught up with technology! Now we can have endless procedurally generated comic covers, but only virtually! Wait, we can have a receipt for one.

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I’m sure the Joker can get his hands on a two button mouse.


It’s telling that DC Comics has yet to say anything about this publicly on their Twitter account. That’s certainly because of the massive negative reactions they got last time they wrote about NFTs in October

This seems to be the new strategy for these companies now, whenever they launch an NFT project, they tend to do it on the low-key, or partner up with someone else (like an NFT marketplace) and let that other company do all of the promotion. Saw that with the Matrix NFTs for instance, which were never tweeted about from the actual Matrix Warner Bros account. They just let other accounts take all the heat.

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