DEA takes $16,000 cash from black man on train, leaves him penniless


Um… “You have chosen to pay your taxes (,or not, to a system that enables this BS), therefore I, your public servant, am free to take any of your candy-assets that you, John Q Public, will allow me to…” I’m pretty sure its there in the constitution, if you read it right. (/e what does probable cause really mean anyway /e) /s

Wow, there’s a ‘badge’ for editing your own post? Who needs steenkin’ badges. (I’m really hoping I get something cool for this.)


Kinda makes ya just wanna muss up his hair, eh?


I’m thinking this agent is a friend of yours, or one very much like him. With a mindset that ‘criminals’ are fair game when it comes to being tough on ‘crime’.


You made me go Google mugshots for my own name. I do not have an uncommon name; there are quite a few.


You shure he just isn’t a random stranger who just stumbled upon the site right after this was posted, then created an account to comment, producing 5 comments in a couple of hours, never to be heard from again once shut down by other commenters?


I did a search too. My name is a very common female name, so I expected several. The results also included images of several men including Robert Downey Jr. I found it amusing.


Edit to add: A lawsuit against the DEA will take years to resolve and almost certainly end up costing more than $16,000. And good luck collecting punitive or consequential damages, or even interest for that matter; the principal amount would likely be the upper limit for a judicial award.

A direct replacement of funds costs $16,000 plus whatever fee is applied by the GoFundMe organization.


I know people have suggested to you several times now that he might not have a bank account, but let me posit this more strongly: he almost certainly does not have a bank account.

Tell me, why would anyone with a bank account carry around $16,000 in cash?

If you had thought for one moment, you may have realized that all your assumptions about what he should have or could have done came from a very specific background, and in general our inability to recognize the assumptions we make is a big contributing factor to the inability to empathize across class and race lines.


I do not appear to have this plausible deniability.


Actually this is addressed in the article too:

Rivers said he carried his savings in cash because he has had problems in the past with taking out large sums of money from out-of-state banks.

A black guy falls under suspicion if he tries to withdraw large amounts of cash from an out-of-state bank, so he avoids using banks. Result: even more suspicion. He can’t win.


Clearly there must be some Other Other Michael.


Well, there is OtherMichael, Jr.:

While he does get into trouble, he doesn’t have much of a paper trail yet. And what there is is covered in crayon.


Making photos of innocent children? Pervert! Quick, confiscate his camera!

What’s next? Selling drugs?


There’s racism no doubt, but to choose to abandon your rights because you assume they won’t be respected or upheld is an unfortunate strategy. By that rationale military personnel shouldn’t report sexual assaults, since it’s been shown that reporting seldom works out well for rape victims.


It might even run afoul of the Federal Claims Act.


Thank you for posting this. When will people realise that the moral implications of an action can be completely ignored once a germane law has been codified.


Well, there’s OtherMichel.

But usually it’s OtherMichel’s own dastardly deeds being blamed on @OtherMichael

The Continuing Adventures of @OtherMichel and the World Crime League

But nobody is innocent! So, if you want some nice photos of your family, you should pay the police to take them for you.


The article says that absent your consent to a search, they can hold your bags —but not your person — until such time as they can get a search warrant. It’s safe to assume all cops know which pro-LE judges to call and thus the warrant is a rubberstamped formality.

The lesson is keep your cash on your person, not in your bags.

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