Dead Celebrity


Died at 83, despite his incredibly dangerous occupation…now THAT is a life well lived!



Also Murray Ball of Footrot Flats fame.


Albert Temple, creator of the long running webcomic, Gene Catlow.


Bishop Eamonn Casey, father in more than one sense of the word.




& Not a celebrity, but MORE importantly:



Fave Chuck Berry moment–duet with John Lennon on “Memphis, Tennessee”, 0:03 mark or just look at the still. Chuck’s got the look of a middle-aged man whose doctor’s glove is too cold during a prostate exam. A nine-second clip or the six-word title is all you need to know why. Yoko’s mike was cut for the second song: mystery, that.


Berry’s music even made it into outer space – his 1958 hit “Johnny B. Goode” is the only rock and roll song included on the so-called “Golden Record” affixed to the Voyager spacecraft that was launched into the cosmos in 1977.


Hmm. Apparently all Americans look the same to the Beeb.


Yoko ruined everything, didn’t she?


Bernie Wrightson :cry:


Jimmy Breslin dead at 87




This was obviously coming after his recent retirement from politics.


Aww. Auntie Fee died a couple of days ago. She was awesome. :cry:

ETA: She had this kick-ass no-bullshit cooking channel on Youtube. Like, cooking for real people stuff, not high-end wankery.

Has a sad now. :frowning2:


TIL, by wikipedia accident: today, March 21st, 1617, Pocahontas (born Matoaka, known as Amonute) died.