Grotbags dead at 74

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She had quite a theme song.

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These, “people who also searched for”…it’s you guys, isn’t it.


Singer Carol Lee Scott dead at 74, one of her notable parts was the witch Grotbags on UK children’s TV. Writing with respect for those that have passed isn’t hard, you want to try it.


And I want to add, although I never heard about her until this morning, she clearly had star power. That’s something you either got or you don’t.


When you die I will run the headline “fuckbags dead at who cares”


That robot looks and sounds suspiciously like Jim Broadbent but I don’t really think it’s him.

I noticed something similar when Nimoy died. The headlines screamed, “Spock is Dead,” but of course Spock has been played by at last two other actors who are very much alive. The character didn’t die, just one of his actors.

My American childhood was Grotbags-free, but having seen her for just a few minutes, I really hope someone steps forward to claim the mantle if the new Grotbags. Bonus points if she turns out to be a Time Lord.


Freddie Stevens, who died a few years back. He also played Grotbags’ boss, The Magnificent Fred:


Never seen this before, growing up the usa and whatnot. Her sugary, cajoling tone early in the clip only makes it that much more terrifying when she starts bellowing. Yikes.

It’s as if the green lady heard the Pink Floyd line about how “hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way” and said “WELL FUCK THAT”.

Surely the bigger story here is that Grotbags LIVED to 74?

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