RIP Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson


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Who could forget her in Shakes the Clown.


I’m sorry to hear another one of my baby sitters has passed away. Ultraman is one of the few remaining.


I’ve thought about this. People seem to be blaming 2016 party because of the deaths. Well I have a message for us - suck it up, buttercup.

Famous and important people die every year. It is hitting some people harder because unlike 20 years ago, most of the people who died had little or less of an effect on us. My ex-GF was like, “Who?” when Bowie died due to being younger. (And I am not even really a Bowie fan, but knew his contributions.)

So, anyway, as we move through life, those people who entertained us at 10, at 20, etc, they are a lot older now and are going to start leaving us in greater numbers. It may seem like 2016 is a bad year for famous deaths (though I concede Bowie and Prince in the same year is quite a hit on musical talent), but 2017 and onward will unfortunately have more of our favorites passing on. Jeremy Bulloch seemed a bit off when I last met him… hopefully he was just tired.


Go to hell. No one gets to tell others how or why to be sad.


By all accounts, she was one of those celebrities who treated fans and co-workers with respect and graciousness and good humour - a lovely lady in the truest sense of the phrase. Another good one gone, adding to the awfulness of this year in the process.


Thank you so much for telling us what to think, it’s a good thing you’re here.
Hey, should I breathe? I don’t know what to think and I need someone to tell me how to cogitate.


Best thing she ever did. Here’s that full opening sequence.


You can do what ever you like, but as the years go on, the people you grew up with are going to leave us.


That’s dark, dude.

Seriously though, I’m not sure why you’re getting so much heat for this post. What you’re saying is true. It’s not so much that there’s been statistically a lot more celebrity deaths this year than previous years, but it’s more that we’re aging GenXers and the people who entertained us as children are old and/or dying.

How old was she, 12? I’m a younger GenXer and to me, not knowing who Bowie is is like not knowing who Dan Auerbach is. I never went out of my way to listen to Bowie’s music, but it was always there.



“Mom always said don’t play ball in the house… ball in the house… ball in the house… ball in the house…”


They’ll just write an EU story to keep him alive.



and so it goes…


Okay, I’ll bite. Who’s Dan Auerbach?


Oh. Who are the Black Keys?

(I’m an older GenXer)

(Who hasn’t listened to anything newer than 1994 except for Flogging Molly and Airbourne. But I do know Bowie. Though I miss Lemmy more.)


He’s a Jack White tribute act.


I recently saw her on with Merv in the mid 60s. She had tallent. It was interesting to see her before the Brady Bunch took over her life.


Couldn’t find the “leaf trap” clip.


Go to hell. No one gets to tell others how or why to be sad.

Not the first time he thought he was being clever and only exposed how much of a shit he is.


They’re a fairly good rock band that sounds like they came from Canada in 1989. Which is America in 1978.