Listen to Rob Delaney's devastatingly beautiful speech about death and stardust

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“temporary gatherings of stardust, just like Henry.”


Thanks @thomdunn


My six-month old is also named Henry and that fucking killed me


Aw… Hugs to your Henry! My kid is nearly a grown ass adult and is not named Henry, but yeah, I feel ya on that.


He’s entirely right that losing someone does change your perspective on death, or it probably should. It’s not the same as losing one’s own kid, but my dad died when he was only 60, as well as his oldest sister a few years later (fuck cancer), and such losses make you dwell and ponder on your own mortality, for sure.

I found Caitlin Doughty’s videos helpful in coming to terms with the mortality and in thinking about death in concrete ways. My family on that side tends to mourn through sarcasm and laughter, so the comedic elements of her videos are right where my headspace about death is, for the most part. I also agree with her argument that we (here in America) just aren’t comfortable with death and we’ve mechanized our interactions with it to a hurtful degree.

But anyways… thanks for sharing this. It was lovely!


Wow, the tears really sneak up on you in that one (probably because Delaney can’t help but be funny – seriously, watch Catastrophe). Thanks for posting it.

I’m noticed that as a society we’ve become more open and comfortable about talking about death and mortality in recent years. For example, discussions of assisted suicide and advanced health directive and end-of-life quality are no longer as taboo as they once were. Counter-intuitively, I’ve found that it provides a lot of comfort and peace of mind and really reminds us of how powerful our love for those around us is.


I, too, find Caitlin Doughty’s approach to being death-positive to be helpful.


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