Had enough of 2016 already? Welcome to 2017


Would you like to see the end of 2016? In this thread, we can agree that 2016 is over and done and a bright new 2017 is here.

Inspired by @the_borderer, who asked, “Can we just cancel it and make tomorrow the start of 2017?

Happy New Year!

Gene Wilder dies, at 83
Trump's just gonna wing the debates

Happy New Year! :fireworks: :sparkler: :tada: :confetti_ball:

Ow. My Head. Feels like I been drinking for the last 4 months solid.


At least no beloved celebrities died during the last four months :dizzy:


That’s just from all the desk thumping that you have been doing since the election of el Presidente Drumpf.


Don’t expect 2017 to be any better. The brutal, inescapable truth is that the ever-increasing diversity, growth, and propagation of pop culture means that an ever-increasing number of talented people are now center-stage and in the public spotlight, most of whom intend on making their share of that spotlight a career.

We have so many living celebrities today and we’ll have proportionately more in the future. Brace yourselves.


Generalissimo. Chutzpah be upon Him.


Haven’t you though?:wink:


Should we start a 2017 BBS Dead Pool?

That way, at least we can derive some fun from the the death of our beloved cultural icons.


Mel Brooks is 90…


Yeah, I’m not going to play ahead. Too many of my cultural icons and public figures are getting old. Skipping ahead four months isn’t going to improve the outcome.


Oh, I think you have many lives.


Peter Gabriel says he’s working on a new album. I’m a bit concerned it’s going to be his Blackstar.


As time marches on, I’ve got to wonder: is 2017 slated for THE END OF THE WORLD / Second Coming by any significant religious groups. How far back the the Jehovah’s Witnesses move it this time?


He’s got to stick around for a while… we just lost Gene Wilder… they don’t get to go in the same year.


I don’t know of any predictions for 2017, but the world was supposed to have ended this past July:


Nope, we’re apocalypse-free for the next few years.


Well then, let’s party like it’s 199—err, like we’ve got a while to enjoy ourselves and take it easy.


They keep predicting the end, and it keeps not coming…


Yeah, okay. In the meantime, I think I’ll help myself to another glass of bubbly!


Wow, was it supposed to be all pretty and techni-color like that?